We are rooted in the origins of Swedish rail traffic and we are Sweden’s most experienced operator in rail logistics. The wheels of Swedish industry and commerce turn with the wheels of Green Cargo’s trains. In many respects, our trains are in fact a platform for growth, welfare and jobs. We move truck cabs to Gent, furniture to Haparanda, newsprint to Frankfurt, flour to local bakeries, wine to dinner tables and steel materials to Borlänge. And we do it reliably, safely and within the agreed time.

With about 2,000 employees, 400 locomotives and 5,000 wagons, we offer eco-labeled door-to-door transports in a network that spans all of Sweden, and through our partners, we have access to thousands of locations throughout Europe.

Our locomotive drivers move nearly 400 freight trains per day in Sweden, which corresponds to about 10,000 trucks or a convoy of trucks more than 300-km long. With our 24 freight trains going to and from continental Europe, European highways are spared from a 16-km traffic jam of trucks.

Green Cargo’s freight wagons travel the circumference of the world 41 times every 24 hours. Since steel wheels roll easily on steel rails, the freight in our electric trains can travel 300 times the distance of road freight for the same level of carbon emissions. Nature has a chance to breath when business and industry choose freight trains.

Although all forms of transportation are needed, when it comes to the transportation of large freight volumes for long distances, trains and shipments by Green Cargo are the smartest choice.