The overall goal of these companies is market-rate returns. In addition, the Swedish government has identified policy issues on which state-owned companies should be exemplary. These include matters such as equal opportunity, the environment, diversity, a sound workplace and the company’s role in society. 

The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation uses three primary tools for governing state-owned companies: Board composition, auditors and review. Green Cargo’s Board of Directors is appointed by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

The requirements on Green Cargo’s reporting are in line with the requirements imposed on listed companies.

Articles of Association

You can find an up-to-date copy of Green Cargo’s Articles of Association here (in Swedish) »

Nomination procedure

Green Cargo AB is wholly owned by the Swedish State. The nomination procedure is in accordance with the policies outlined in the Swedish government’s ownership policy 2005, article number: N5039. Swedish government owner policy 2005 (in Swedish) »