How do you connect your company to Green Cargo Connect?

In the platform, Green Cargo offers its customers both API services for seamless integration to their own systems and the ability to connect to the web interface, Customer Portal. Customers choose whether they want to connect to one or both solutions. We will of course help you connect and get started. It should be easier to be a customer of Green Cargo.


  • Digital and fast communication
  • Streamline business processes
  • Facilitate information sharing and transparency
  • Reduce the manual handling of data transfer between you and us
  • Ensure high quality of data handled
  • Facilitate booking of your transports
  • Direct reporting for rebookings

We can connect more systems with additional information that creates benefits for you
Through Green Cargo Connect, we offer digital solutions where you can quickly and easily make bookings, follow them and get information about each transport. We initially launch booking services for domestic wagon load and intermodal. During this year, we will develop more digital services, such as available capacity and lead times in our network, booking of international transports and expanded transport tracking service

Which option suits you best?

Customer portal

The customer portal has a user-friendly web interface for booking transport, consignment notes, cancellation and transport tracking. You get a login to the customer portal and make bookings based on your agreement with us. The booking can be made both on mobile and computer. Further development takes place continuously according to internal and external needs and opportunities. Therefore, we appreciate getting feedback from you what your needs are.


With the Application Programming Interface (API), your system can communicate directly with our booking system for a smooth information transfer and a tailored booking procedure. Via the API portal, you get access to implemented services and functions. The portal offers similar functions that are in our existing customer portal, but with continuous development we enable additional APIs and customer customizations for your specific needs.

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We help you with the connection

Which option suits you best?
If you feel unsure or have questions, you are welcome to contact us at Green Cargo's customer service. We answer your questions and help to develop your plan.

Filip Mood
Business Developer
Phone: +46 10 455 41 81

Johanna Berlin
Business Developer
Phone: +46 10 455 42 29

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