Questions about orders

Q: What information must I provide to place an order?
A: See obligatory information »

Q: Can I place an order for a shipment through your website?
A: At present, you can only order shipments using a form or by e-mail. Download forms »

Q: What is the deadline for ordering my shipment?
A: We usually need to receive your order by no later than 09:00 a.m. one business day before the desired delivery/loading date of your empty wagon.

Q: I ordered my shipment in time, but still did not receive it through my shipment order, or the date of dispatch is different than the date requested. Why?
A: When we register your order we check for available capacities in our trains. If the trains are fully booked, we search for the next available connection. If all the trains are fully booked, usually within 60 hours of the requested date of dispatch, or if we cannot manage to deliver the shipment before the delivery date, your shipment will not be reserved.

Q: Can I order shipments using both a dispatch date and a delivery date?
A: You can order a shipment using either a requested dispatch date or a requested delivery date, by checking one of these two options on the order form. You cannot choose both a dispatch date and delivery date.

Q: Can I change my shipment order?
A: You can cancel or “rebook” your shipment. However, rebooking a shipment is always done canceling the shipment and attaching a new order in connection with the cancelation. When the shipment has been reserved in accordance with your new preferences, you receive a new order confirmation. Cancellation is permissible up until the moment shipment has commenced. Rail freight traffic surcharges »


Questions about freight documentation

Q: What is the deadline for submitting my freight documentation?
A: We usually require your freight documentation by no later than two hours before the dispatch of the shipment. This is to complete registration in time and to forward the information to our production department prior to dispatch.

Q: Can Green Cargo assist me with preparing a consignment note?
A: We can do this for a fee, but you must select this option when ordering your shipment. Select the option in the order form.


Questions about notifications

Q: What notifications do you usually send?
A: Notifications are crucial to keeping you or your partners/customers informed, and enable you to verify that your order is being fulfilled in accordance with your requirements.

The following notifications are sent unless otherwise agreed:

- Preliminary confirmation: When you book your shipment well in advance, you receive a preliminary confirmation to indicate the receipt and registration of your order. When your order has been reserved in our consignment booking system (about 14–17 days prior to the date of dispatch), you will receive an order confirmation.

- Order confirmation: When your order has been registered in our consignment booking system, you will receive an order confirmation, comprising information about your order, the time scheduled for your receipt of an empty wagon, the deadline for loading the wagon, the departure time, the arrival time at the recipient, any options, etc.

Order confirmation (confirmed train capacity)
- Cancellation confirmation: If you should decide to cancel your order, we will send you a cancellation confirmation comprising information about your order, what has been cancelled and the reason for the cancellation.

- Empty wagon notification: When we have designated an empty wagon for your order, we will notify you about the specific wagon assigned to you for the loading of your order. The notification will also indicate if any ordered wagon is unavailable.

- Notice of deviation — empty-wagon delivery: We will notify you in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that impact the delivery of the empty wagon that you have ordered. The notification usually contains information about a new arrival time, the previous arrive time, and the reason for the deviation.

- Notice of deviation — freight shipments: We will notify you in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that impact the delivery of your shipment (loaded wagon). The notification usually contains information about a new arrival time, the previous arrive time, and the reason for the deviation.

- Arrival notice: Prior to the arrival of your loaded shipment, you will receive a final arrival notice from us comprising information about the order and additional data from the consignment note. The arrival notice also provides information about the specific wagon that will arrive and the time at which it should be notified as unloaded to Green Cargo.

Q: Why did I not receive some of the above notification?
A: Your company’s contract signatory determines who should be notified. This may vary for various types of notifications, as well as the manner in which they are dispatched. If any of this information needs to be changed, contact the signatory at your company, who will in turn contact our contract administration department.

Q: I would like to choose the notifications that we wish, or no longer wish, to receive. How do I proceed?
A: You are welcome to change this by contacting us. However, we will need the written consent your company’s signatory for this purpose.

NOTE: By default, Green Cargo delivers information to you by issuing various notifications. Consequently, if you choose to remove one or more such messages, Green Cargo will no longer be responsible for providing you with the information in any other manner.


Miscellaneous questions

Q: We would like to use EDI to transfer data between our company and Green Cargo? Can this be done?
A: Yes, this is perfectly feasible. Read more here »

Q: How do you communicate changes in production that have an impact on me?
A: If anything should happen to the shipments you ordered, we send you a deviation notice when applicable.