Customs handling intends to monitor both the legal and illegal goods flows that pass to and from the EU. Partly through administrative monitoring of the legal flow, partly through crime prevention and investigative activities focused on the illegal flow.

All handling is regulated in Sweden by the Swedish Customs based on EU common legislation.
Green Cargo as carrier have the responsibility not to transfer goods to or from a non-EU country without correct customs documents. Therefore, we must ensure that all transports that take place have the correct basis before they leave Sweden for transport to a non-EU country or from a non-EU country to Sweden.
The product owner or his representative is responsible for creating the export declaration.

Customs document

Relevant customs documents must be received by Green Cargo well in advance of the shipment departing from you.


We charge an administrative fee for cross-border transport. If you have purchased customs services from us, the fee is included in the other prices. If you have not purchased customs services (but have your own customs representative), we charge a fee. This is because we have an administrative handling even if you have your own customs representative.

Appendix 2d – Customs price list 2023 »



For questions - contact your seller at Green Cargo for questions about customs services and your contact at Green Cargo Customer Service for questions about the actual transport.