Denmark Direct 

Sweden - Denmark
A fast and reliable service that connects Sweden and Denmark's railway network for wagon loads. We accept all types of goods from consumer goods, steel, scrap, paper and much more. The railway shuttle between Malmö and Kolding in 4 hours runs 3 round trips each week. Read more about Denmark Direct »

Belgium Direct 

Sweden - Belgium
Belgium Direct offers you a faster, more reliable and eco-friendly freight solution for wagon loads and intermodal units between Scandinavia and Belgium, nonstop. The direct train takes 24 hours and is the fastest rail solution for this route. Read more about Belgium Direct »

Italy Direct

Sweden - Italy
Several times a week, Green Cargo operates its own block trains in both directions between Scandinavia and Italy. The timetable is fixed, with a smooth flow. We reload at our destinations and transport new freight on return journeys, such as pasta and tomato sauce from Italy to supermarkets in Sweden. 
Read more about Italy Direct »

Austria Direct

Sweden - Austria
Green Cargo operates its own block trains on a fixed timetable several times a week in both directions between Scandinavia and Austria, with an option for onward transportation to several end destinations. For example, we transport large quantities of forestry products and steel. When transporting hazardous goods, special restrictions apply that must be taken into consideration. Read more about Austria Direct »