Our wagon load offering is suitable for operations that require regular or occasional freight transportation. We transport one or more rail wagons with fixed delivery times in existing train departures for all types of freight. We can also access destinations that are not connected by rail.

Our wagon load offering

  • Wagon
  • Positioning of empty wagons at loading place
  • Retrieval of loaded wagon from loading place
  • Transport of wagons from sender to recipient through Green Cargo and its partner network
  • Stuffing and stripping deadline of eight hours
  • Removal of stripped wagon from unloading place

Additional services

  • Number switching — sorting the order of wagons when several wagons arrive at a recipient
  • Additional switching beyond standard switching in accordance with the timetable
  • Extended stuffing and stripping deadline
  • Transfer to and/or from the transshipment terminal when the sender or recipient is not rail-based
  • Transportation of the customer’s own wagons