Green Cargo has a transportation network that offers sustainable, safe and punctual transportation within Sweden, Norway and Denmark. With our partners, we enable to reach thousands of destinations in Europe. Our resources –approximately 1,800 employees, 5,000 wagons and 360 locomotives make it possible.
Punctuality is important for both our customers and for us and we conduct continuous quality initiatives and measurements during the year. The outcome in 2019 was 90.7%, and we are not satisfied. The target we are aiming for is 95%.

Punctuality and regularity are the absolute most important parameters for our customers, though they also expect quality in other transactions as well as better information about delays, structured deviation management, increased redundancies in case of interruptions and increased digitalization.

Green Cargo is in the middle of digital evolution that will lead to an IT landscape that, over time, will support and contribute to improved safety, punctuality and profitability.

Green Cargo works systematically with the areas of the punctuality problem that we cause ourselves and during the year, particular focus has been on root cause analyses for trains with the lowest punctuality. We are also active in the cooperative work across the industry to make the entire railway system more robust. This work is conducted within the framework of TTT – Together for punctual trains.