Green Cargo’s cross-country operations impact many people in many ways. We both want and are expected to live up to the stringent requirements set by many of our stakeholders. We pursues a policy of responsible behavior and longterm perspectives for all relations. A precondition for meeting the demands and expectations set on the company is understanding which issues and areas are material for our shareholders.

Internal Code of Conduct

In 2019, Green Cargo developed an internal Code of Conduct to clarify the requirements and expectations the company has for all of its employees. It includes areas such as business ethics and human rights as well as existing policies for traffic safety, ethics and communication as well as work environment and environmental policies. The code describes the importance of a transparent business climate and high business ethics. It also explains how we ensure safety and respect for all of the individuals who depend on our work.

Code of Conduct for our suppliers

Green Cargo’s stakeholders have high standards for the company. This also affects our suppliers and therefore we have had a Code of Conduct for our suppliers. The code enables us to conduct a deeper dialogue about requirements with our suppliers and thus mutually increase expertise within responsible purchasing and deepen our collaboration in areas like business ethics, human rights, the climate and the environment.

Whistleblower function

Green Cargo has a whistleblower function, which can be used by the company’s employees to report hazards or suspicions that something is out of line with the company’s internal Code of Conduct, conditions that could negatively impact the company or that pose a hazard to someone’s life or health.