Green Cargo is a sustainable logistics partner and crucial for Sweden’s trade and industry. Our history goes back more than 150 years.

Today, 1,900 employees work for us. More than half of these work in our production. Many of them think that they have the world's most beautiful workplace from the locomotive and that they get to see our beautiful landscape up close, while proudly transporting raw materials from forests and mines to the processing industry's plants and consumer goods to the retail trade.

But it's not just about driving freight trains. We also have engineers, business experts, economists and other specialists who all work together to develop our business. We aim to be at the forefront in terms of innovative technical solutions and we develop a modern IT platform that enables us to meet our customers' needs for flexible transport solutions.

Together for a better climate

2021 we transported 21 million tonnes of freight and more than 95% of our rail freight operations are carried out by electric trains. Our employees are helping many Swedish businesses to reach their environmental goals. Every weekday, we run 400 freight trains and thus replace around 9,000 trucks daily. This in turn corresponds to 2,300,000 trucks – annually.

The climate impact relative to the weight of goods transported is next to zero and we are a part of the solution if Sweden are required to achieve the government’s climate targets.

Diversity, equality and gender equality

Our vision and our values govern how we think, act and communicate. We want to have a workplace characterized by diversity, where all kinds of skills contribute. We strive to offer attractive employment terms and we want our employees to feel proud about working for us. We know that differences create competitiveness and contribute to our business and our development.